The messages launched by companies no longer fit as before because the abundance of information leads to poverty of attention. An economy of attention is required that, in addition to communicating, focuses the message.

At Imbexa we are a digital native agency with a global vision. Thanks to our mastery of technology, creativity and communication, we address different audiences in a personalized way.



Digital marketing is the application of marketing strategies carried out in digital media. In Imbexa we are specialists in imitating the techniques of the offline world and taking them to the new world of social networks using the tools and applications that arise every day and measuring the results in a real way for each of the strategies used.


We create campaigns about products or services based on non-massive communication actions with a specific target. Our purpose is to develop actions of creativity, surprise and an opportunity offers. We use the most used communication channels for each sector such as Google, Facebook, YouTube or Instagram.


It is not about got visits, is about got sales, therefore you have to create an effective strategy based on a target campaign with the audience of your company and after that a constant and effective commercial strategy.
It is very simple, we are going to create an automatic funnel process that we will improve every month to make it more effective and faster, which consists of attracting customers, interacting with them and analyzing how they interact with the company until they become customers.
Attract > Interact > Sells > Analyze > Do it Better


We create stories with the aim of connecting with your users, either live or through a story with your character and plot. This type of marketing aims to present the values and benefits that are obtained by being a client of a brand, with actions that arrive, and touch the heart and the head, the body and the spirit: the rational and the instinctive.


We develop sales strategies aimed at their own employees with the objective of committing them, increasing their loyalty and increasing their performance. This type of marketing aims to optimize the work of your employees and focus on indirect sales.

Street Marketing

Generating brand or product impact is one of our main objectives when orienting and launching a Street Marketing campaign. Our knowledge of the sector allows us to offer our clients clear and producible ideas to impact your potential clients in street marketing campaigns.

What do companies really look for? Increase revenues and generate business.

In this sense, the Content Marketing methodology developed by Imbexa is not about likes, platforms, or being online. It is a comprehensive strategy that creates and distributes valuable and relevant content to attract, acquire and retain a specific audience in order to generate profits for our business.