The laboratory isn’t a place, is a   work and life style that makes it possible for our company have hundreds of ideas and to develop the recipe for turn them into reality.

We search!

We do not look for brilliant ideas, we do not look for a beautiful option, not even something that deserves a prize. We look for all that and much more. We look for something that works and solve a challenge.

We manage!

Your customers want to talk to your company and the brand has to respond. Our laboratory creates communication channels and manages them so that this communication positively affects their reputation and growth.

We lead!

Our team is new part of your company and is in permanent contact with you. We lead your project and we fulfill the final objectives defined by you.

We think!

Our department is in constant process of creation to develop BTL actions or unconventional marketing and get your company to have a marketing strategy that goes out of the traditional media.