We focus the development of Web solutions on the needs of the company oriented to the user to give the best experience and we optimize business processes of communication with customers, sales, marketing, management, information, production, logistics, distribution, inventory, accounting through the development of custom software.



We develop web projects fully tailored to the specifications and requirements of the client, as well as, if necessary, the intercommunication of information systems, such as ERP, POS, CRM, …


We develop software solutions for specific needs of your company or organization. We develop customized applications for your needs such as Crms, Erps, Tpvs, E-Commerces, E-Learnings, Management Systems, …


The evolution of new technologies has created new means of communication and currently the most powerful support are mobile phones.
In Imbexa we are clear that the development of applications for iOS, Android are a great complement for web pages, since everyone has a mobile device and facilitates the use of numerous processes and marketing actions.